Arabic Prepositions List

Prepositions will help you link ideas and form sentences. Here is a list of the most common Arabic time and place prepositions, as well as the demonstrative pronouns. These words are the building blocks of time and place, absolutely critical that you master them in your language efforts. You will find them very useful when you are forming ideas and sentences in your mind and trying to translate.

English Preposition

Arabic Preposition

One Word Prepositions  
about حَوْل – hawl
above فَوْق – fawq
across عَبْر – ‘abr
after بَعْد – ba’d
against ضِد – thed
among بَيْن – baeen
around حَوْل – hawl
as كَمَا – kamaa
at فِي – feee
before قَبْل – qabl
behind وَرَاء – waraa’
below أَقُل مِن – aaqol men
beneath تَحْت – taht
beside بِجَانِب – bejaaneb
between بَيْن – baeen
beyond وَرَاء – waraa’
but لَكِن – laken
by مِن قَبْل – men qabl
despite عَلَى الْرَّغْم مِن – ‘alaa alraghm men
down أَسْفَل – aasfal
during خِلَال – khelaal
except إِلَا – eelaa
for إِلَى – eelaa
from مِن – men
in فِي – feee
inside دَاخِل – daakhel
into إِلَى – eelaa
near قُرْب – qorb
next الْتَّالِي – altaaleee
of مِن – men
on فِي – feee
opposite مُعَاكِس – mo’aakes
out خَارِج – khaarej
outside خَارِج – khaarej
over خِلَال – khelaal
per لِكُل – lekol
plus زَائِد – zaa’ed
round جَوْلَة – jawlah
since مُنْذ – month
than مِن – men
through مِن خِلَال – men khelaal
till حَتَّى – hataa
to إِلَى – eelaa
toward نَحْو – nahw
under تَحْت – taht
unlike عَلَى عَكْس – ‘alaa ‘aks
until حَتَّى – hataa
up فَوْق – fawq
via بِوَاسِطَة – bewaasetah
with مَع – ma’
within ضِمْن – themn
without بِدُوْن – bedown

Two Word Prepositions

according to بِحَسَب – behasab
because of بِسَبَب – besabab
close to قَرِيْبَة مِن – qareeebah men
due to بِسَبَب – besabab
except for بِاسْتِثْنَاء – beastethnaa’
far from بُعَيْد عَن – bo’aeed ‘an
inside of دَاخِل – daakhel
instead of بَدَلَا مِن – badalaa men
near to بِالْقُرْب مِن – bealqorb men
next to قُرْب – qorb
outside of خَارِج – khaarej
prior to قَبْل – qabl

Three Word Prepositions

as far as بِقَدَر مَّا – beqadar maa
as well as وَكَذَلِك – wakathalek
in addition to بِالْإِضَافَة إِلَى – bealeethaafah eelaa
in front of أَمَام – aamaam
in spite of عَلَى الْرَّغْم مِن – ‘alaa alraghm men
on behalf of بِاسْم – beasm
on top of فَوْق – fawq


this (masc.) هَذَا – hathaa
this (fem.) هذه  – haadihi
that (masc.) ذلك  – daalika
that (fem.) تلك  – tilka
that (said that, did that…) أَن – aan
these (masc, fem, human) هَؤُلَاء – ha’olaa’
those (masc, fem, human) هَؤُلَاء – ha’olaa’

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